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Nala Marketplace Listing Rules

Trust is fundamental to Nala Marketplace. We strive to earn it, keep it and reward it. 

We do everything in our power to ensure every item sold on Nala Marketplace arrives exactly as described by the seller. Our priority is to enable our community to shop with confidence.

We request that all items adhere to Nala Marketplace's rules in order to be approved. It is important to follow these guidelines, as failure to do so may result in your item being identified as counterfeit or non-compliant by our dedicated teams.  

Items we do not accept

Counterfeit items including:

·        Counterfeits and any item that infringe intellectual property rights (“IPR”)  as well as authentic items with counterfeit elements (eg: authentic bag with handle imitation)

·        Replicas/imitations of genuine models

Non-compliant items including:

    Extra items that were not initially offered for individual sale, such as:

·        Packaging (eg: dust-bag)

·       Lifestyle items (eg: sport & home textile items)

·        Items with fur or material from any protected, endangered or at-risk species such as:

·        Cat

·        Coral

·        Coyote

·        Elephant leather

·        Horn

·        Ivory

·        Leopard

·        Lion

·        Lynx

·        Marmot

·        Naturals pearls

·        Ocelot

·        Otter

·        Panther

·        Seal fur

·        Shark

·        Tiger

·        Turtle

·        Wolf

Items accepted with shipping restrictions

In order to comply with local restrictions, all materials and categories can only be sold and purchased by individuals based in the United Kingdom.

What services does Nala Marketplace offer?

Buyer: What services does Nala Marketpalcee offer?

Nala Marketplace is a leading marketplace for preloved South-Asian Fashion – but did you know we offer a range of services to our community?

Here you can find out more about those services such as our expert authentication.

Digital Authentication

Every item submitted to Nala Marketplace to be sold digitally is checked for accuracy before being published on the platform. To do this, we use a mixture of human expertise to authenticate a listing on our platform. Only approved items make it onto our platform, ensuring you can shop with confidence.

Buyer Guidelines

Whether you’re buying or selling, we want you to have the best possible experience on Nala Marketplace: and that includes feeling safeprotected, and positive, every step of the way. You’re part of our community - help us to perfect it and protect it by following these practical Buyer Guidelines.

Connect with your community

Did you know that you can ask for more info about an item, politely remind your seller to ship, or reach out about anything to do with your order via “Ask the seller a question”? It’s the perfect way to connect with each other to create a positive and fun buying experience. Remember we’re here to protect our community, so be sure you carefully follow our “Ask the seller a question rules”.

Making a purchase? Make sure you mean it!

If you decide to make a purchase on an item you’ve discovered, are you ready to commit to the purchase?

Stay where we can protect you

When you pay for an order on Nala Marketplace website, we continue to protect you and your order long after that payment is made. If something goes wrong, we’re always here to help. But if the payment for an item is completed outside Nala Marketplace, you’re operating without a safety net.

Never share your personal information, PayPal details or contact details with another user, and “report any user” that requests those details to protect both yourselves and the community. Don’t fall victim to a scam - stay safe and protected with us.

Gain a fan - promptly confirm your parcel!

Want to give your seller a little treat? Confirming your receipt of parcel means the seller can expect their payment a bit sooner.

Is there an issue with your item? Let us get straight on to it.

If there’s something about the item you’ve just received that you’re not happy about, we’re here to help. Let us know as soon as possible by reporting an issue and we’ll take care of everything. If we haven’t heard from you within 72 hours of the item’s delivery, we’ll assume that everything’s perfect. So the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can set things right. Please refer to section “report a problem” for further information.

What if the guidelines are broken?

Any features or privileges associated with your account may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn at any time should you be in violation of the guidelines detailed above.

If you need to let us know about any unacceptable behaviour on the platform you can contact us directly.

How to buy and sell safely on Nala Marketplace

At Nala Marketplace, we work hard to help ensure the security of your account. Here are a few things that you can do to keep your information safe both on and off Nala Marketplace:

Protect your account information

·        Use a secure, unique password for your Nala Marketplace account.

·        Always include numbers, symbols, and both uppercase and lowercase letters.

·        Never include obvious personal information (names, birthdates, anniversaries), common words or phrases

·        Use a different password on every website. This means that if one website is compromised and your password is stolen, your other accounts are safe!

·        Consider using a password manager

Remember: Never arrange to meet a potential buyer or seller in person. Stay secure by completing all transactions within the Nala Marketplace platform.

Protect your devices

Follow these tips to protect your devices and data when you browse and shop online.

·        Use a strong password on your computer. Lock your screen with this password when you step away

·        Always activate a PIN or lock function for your mobile device

·        Never leave your devices (laptop, phone, tablet…) unattended in a public place (hotel, train, bar/restaurant…)

·        Get an antivirus software on your computer and make sure it’s up-to-date

·        Keep your software up-to-date. Install security updates as soon as they are available

·        Secure the router for your wireless network with a password. If you don't, strangers could access your network and access your personal or financial information

Phishing emails

Nala Marketplace will always contact you via our official email to ask you to provide us any information.

If you are registered for notifications (price drops, sale notifications etc.) our emails will always be sent from

Remember that similar email addresses could be used to impersonate Nala Marketplace, such as:

Please do NOT rely on the topic of the mail or the sender’s mail

What should I do if my credit card is stolen?

1.      Contact your financial institution immediately

2.      Place a fraud alert on your credit card account

3.      If your card is registered to your Nala Marketplace account:

1.      Review your account activity

Contact us directly if you see anything unusual

Our Community Guidelines

Whether you’re buying or selling, we want you to have the best possible experience on Nala Marketplace and that includes feeling safeprotected, and positive, every step of the way. You’re part of our community - please help us to perfect it and protect it by following these simple community guidelines.

Always Remember Your Manners

We expect all members of the Nala Marketplace community to interact with each other in a way that is respectful and kind. There are no exceptions. It may seem obvious, but following this one simple rule makes every community stronger from the inside. Be nice to each other.

We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, discrimination and abuse of any kind, and we will take firm action wherever necessary to protect the members of our community.

Keep it honest

Set fair prices, write honest descriptions of your items and use original photos. With each successful sale or order, you’ll earn the trust of the community.

Get support when you need it

Sometimes, you need a little extra help - and we are here to provide it. If you experience anything on Nala Marketplace that you think we should know about, we want to hear it. If something in “Ask the seller a question” upsets you, tell us. If you have any issues during a sale or order, we can sort it. At any time, you can contact us - we’ve got your back.

What if the guidelines are broken?

Any features or privileges associated with your account may be temporarily or permanently withdrawn at any time should you be in violation of the guidelines detailed above.

If you need to let us know about any unacceptable behaviour on the platform you can contact us directly.

Buyer: My Order Has Been Lost by the Carrier 

We know it can be frustrating waiting for an item to arrive and we will do everything we can to resolve any problems with delivery.

If the tracking information for your shipped item has not been updated for more than 2 working days, we can look into the situation for you with the shipping company. 

To help us investigate this for you as quickly as possible, please prepare the following documents before contacting us:

·        A sworn statement, in which you clearly state that you have not received your package. Please include the following information in the statement:

·        The date

·        Your full name

·        The delivery address

·        Your item's tracking number

·        Your Signature

·        A photo or scan of a valid ID.

You can send us legible, clear photographs or scans of these documents. 

Good to know - For the carrier to successfully run a search for your package, you must contact us within 14 days of shipping.

Buyer: I Need to Change My Delivery Address

You can change your delivery address at any time before placing an order.

Important: Unfortunately, due to logistical constrictions, it is not possible to change or update the delivery address once an order has been placed.

Please take a moment to check the delivery details in your account to ensure your delivery preferences are up to date.

Buyer: Nala Marketplace’s Return Policy 

Return Policy

Items purchased from sellers are not eligible for returns. If you have changed your mind about an item you have received, you have the option to relist your item on your Nala Marketplace account and to receive payment from the resulting sale. Relisting an item takes less than a minute. 

What if there’s an issue with the item I’ve received?

If you’ve received an item that is not as described by the seller, we can help. Refer to section “Buyer: The Item I Received Doesn't Match Its Description”


Buyer: The Item I Received Doesn't Match Its Description

If you have received an item that is not as described by the seller, you can report this to us directly and we will investigate the situation.

We may ask you to take and send some photos of the problem areas, so don’t hesitate to have these ready to go when you get in touch.

Note: If the return concerns a default mentioned in the description, visible in pictures, or indicated during the Quality Control, any return request may be refused.

Once you have reported the issue with the item, our team will get back to you with the next steps.

If we find that the item does not match its description

A full refund will be issued including any and all fees. You should receive your refund within 5 working days, or within 24 hours for PayPal. The seller's status will be negatively impacted and any Seller Badge they hold may be withdrawn.

💡 Good to know: When an order is placed with Direct Shipping, you have 72 hours from the point of delivery to report any issues with an item so that we can resolve any issues for you.

If we find that the item matches its description

You will have the option to relist the item for sale on your account.

Buyer: Ask the seller a question rules

Community is at the heart of Nala Marketplace and we are dedicated to making Buyer Seller chat a safe and secure space for everyone.

Chat Rules

The following information, behaviour and content is forbidden on Buyer Seller Chat.

Sharing any of the following information or language will result in an immediate ban.

·        Personal information or data - Financial information, postal addresses, telephone numbers, social media handles etc.

·        Inappropriate Content - Sexually explicit material or language.

·        Threatening language or behaviour - Racist, discriminatory, abusive, or hateful material, including any language which incites or encourages violence against others.

·        Spam - Repetitive and insistent messaging, requests to share personal details or information. 

What to do when the rules are broken

As a user, you have the option to contact us via email to report any behaviour which contravenes the rules above or upsets you in any way. Please help us to keep Nala Marketplace free of harmful content by reporting any issues you experience - we will act swiftly and decisively to make it right.

Seller: Quality Control & Authentication

The condition of Items on Nala Marketplace

 When you list an item on Nala Marketplace, several elements need to be specified, including the price, origin and condition of the item.

The condition of an item helps buyers decide whether or not to purchase an item. It also serves as a basis for our experts when your item is being checked by our Quality Control Team.

It's best to be as objective as possible when choosing a condition to describe your item. If you're unsure which condition is the best fit, always go for the lower one. If our experts find that the condition of your item does not match the condition described on your listing, the sale may not be approved for listing on our platform.

Keep in mind that any hygiene-related defects will lead to the cancellation of the sale.

Don’t forget to mention or take pictures of all defaults.

Item Measurements on Nala Marketplace


When you buy and sell an item on Nala Marketplace, the listing created by the seller should be entirely accurate.

If at any point it becomes clear that an item does not match its description or photographs, the order may be cancelled.

We recommend that you provide minimum and maximum measurement; example, can fit a 32-38 inch waist due to its flexibility/draw string.

Seller: Why Did You Ask for More Info During Digital Authentication?

Trust is our top priority, which is why authentication plays a crucial role at Nala Marketplace. We go above and beyond standard authentication procedures to ensure we can accurately identify the authenticity of listed items.

If you have received a request for additional information, it means our digital authentication team needs more details or photographs in order to authenticate your item. The more information you are able to provide, the faster we can process your item.

High-quality pictures are really important in the assessment of your listing. 

Seller: Choosing the Right Price for an Item

When deciding on a price for the item you want to sell, it’s important to first decide the condition you list it under.

Consult the Community

A great place to start is our knowledgeable Nala Marketplace community, whose listings can act as the perfect price guide. 

Search on Nala Marketplace for items similar to yours in the same condition, and you’ll have a good ballpark price to start from to make sure you settle on a fair and competitive price. 

Consider Brand & Demand

Your price should be consistent with the item’s brand, while also taking into account its scarcity as a pre-loved piece.

Seasonal items may no longer be in such high demand, so bear this in mind if you want to sell swiftly at a fair price. And of course - keep an eye on the latest trends!

Don’t forget the extras

Do you have the item’s branded packaging/carrier? These add that special something to your item that could prove irresistible to our expert community. 

Seller: When Will My Listing Be Live?

Creating a great listing takes just a few clicks and some great photos, so if you need some help getting your item up and running on Nala Marketplace, check out our guide to creating a new listing.

If you’ve already created a listing and you’re wondering when it will be live, this usually takes up to 24 hours but could take up to 48 hours

Here’s why.

We want to ensure our community all over can buy and sell pre-loved items with total confidence. That’s why we carefully review each listing to check that: 

·        The item’s description accurately matches the provided photographs

·        The item fits our selection criteria, including condition and style.

·        The proposed sale price is in line with the item’s condition and description. If necessary, we’ll be in touch to discuss the price at which you have listed your item.

Once these initial checks have been made, our team will post your listing. 

Is your item taking a long time to be posted?

Check your email (including spam folders) to see if our team have contacted you to ask for any missing information. 

Seller: Cancelling a sale

Sometimes, cancelling a sale is unavoidable. Maybe you sold the item elsewhere or simply decided to keep it after all!

If you do sell an item that’s no longer available, please contact us.

You can also select the item concerned and mark as unavailable/sold.

This will cancel the sale and trigger a refund for your buyer. We’ll also email them to let them know their order has been cancelled.

💡 Good to know: We really encourage you to remove any items you don’t want to sell. This not only stops buyers from being disappointed, but also protects your good reputation - cancelled sales have a negative impact on your seller status!

Seller: Our Values – Trust

Trust is fundamental to Nala Marketplace. We strive to earn it, keep it, and reward it.

We’re lucky to have a global community that’s invested, empowered and passionate about style and sustainability. We do everything in our power to ensure the items sold on Nala Marketplace arrive exactly as described by the seller. We have no problem saying ‘no’ to any item that falls short of our industry-defining standards for quality.

We are also a member of the Charter for fighting counterfeiting on the Internet, which we signed in 2012 alongside more than 50 of the top fashion, beauty, health companies and e-commerce platforms. We’re committed to following the anti-counterfeit procedures outlined within the charter to protect both consumers and brands.

When it comes to physical and digital authentication, as well as quality control, Vestiaire Collective has incomparable expertise.

Our experts have trained extensively at our Vestiaire Academy, which specialises in honing the skills required to instantly recognise authenticity and quality standards via rigorous processes and methodologies. The Vestiaire Academy is our way of ensuring we have the best specialists, the most up-to-date knowledge and the finest expertise in the world.

After authentication, our Quality Control teams go the extra mile to ensure to verify that everything is exactly as described by the seller, and that the buyer’s expectations will be met. In particular, quality control checks include :

·        The condition of the item, as detailed 🔍 here

·        The colour

·        The size

All this expertise – and years of experience – are put to use when an item goes through quality control and is digitally or physically authenticated.

Seller: My sold item was not approved at physical authentication and quality control. What happens now?

Trust is fundamental to Nala Marketplace. We strive to earn it, keep it and reward it. 

We do everything in our power to ensure every item sold on Nala Marketplace arrives exactly as described by the seller. Only approved items make it onto our platform, ensuring our community can shop with confidence.

If our Quality Control & Authentication teams are not able to approve an item, it means the item did not respect our “Nala Marketplace Listing Rules” did not match its description or did not match its accompanying photographs.

Don’t agree with our decision?

If your item has not been approved and you don’t agree with our decision, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Seller: How to prepare a sold item for shipping

Firstly, congratulations on your sale! Time to get your item ready to be shipped.

Follow these simple steps to make sure your item arrives in top condition.

Clean your item

We recommend that you carefully clean your item before shipping it. If you’re sending clothes, ensure they're washed and ironed. This step avoids any issues when received by the buyer and is appreciated. Allow the buyers the pleasure of receiving the outfit just as much as you.

Pack with care

Choose sustainable packing materials that will properly protect the item you're sending. Don't choose a box that is too small or large and fill any empty space inside the package with suitable packing material. If your item arrives damaged and the packaging is found to be inadequate, we cannot guarantee compensation.

Remember! Only send one outfit (as listed) per package. Each item has to be sent in its own parcel and marked with its own Shipping Label. Failure to do this will mean we can't provide any compensation for losses.

Include all the components mentioned in your description

Don't forget to include any additional items like a branded packaging or even a nice message to your buyer.

Download your Shipping Label

Nala Marketplace provides a prepaid shipping label available for download from your account.

Once you have downloaded your shipping label, it could take up to 1 hour for the label to be activated in the carrier's system. If you are planning on arranging a pick-up time, you may need to wait a short time after downloading the shipping label before arranging your time slot. 

Important: If Nala Marketplace has provided you with a shipping label, you must ship your item within 7 days. If you do not ship the sold item within this time, the sale will be cancelled and your buyer refunded.

A shipping label will be sent to your email account provided once a buyer has made a purchase.


Download, print and then stick the Shipping Label on your parcel where it is flat and easily visible.


Your item is now perfectly packaged and ready to be shipped!


Good to know: We recommend that the seller takes as many photographic evidence to prove the authenticity of their listing, ie. Photo’s of the items proving conditions in their packaging to avoid any issues from the buyers regarding condition of items received.

Seller: How Long Do I Have to Ship a Sold Item?

Buyers love a speedy shipper, and so do we.

Once a sale has been confirmed, you have 7 days to ship the item.

You must ship your item within 7 days, or your sale will be cancelled and we will issue a full refund to your buyer.

What happens if I ship my item after 7 days?

If more than 7 days have passed since you sold your item, please do not ship it. The order will be automatically cancelled and the buyer refunded. We cannot guarantee payment for an item shipped after 7 days.

*In the rare case that Nala Marketplace does not provide a prepaid shipping label for the sale, the seller will have 7 days to ship from the date of the shipping label being issued.

Important! Once you have downloaded your shipping label, it can take up to 1 hour for the label to be activated in the carrier's system. If you are planning on arranging a pick-up time, you may need to wait a short time after downloading the shipping label before arranging your time slot. 

Good to Know: The quicker you send your item, the sooner you'll be paid. For more information about when you can expect payment for your sale, please refer to section “Seller: When Will I Be Paid for My Sale?”

Seller: When Will I Be Paid for My Sale?

We make payments every working day, meaning you’ll be paid ASAP for the items you sell.

Make sure your payment details are up to date and correct.

Your payment will depend on the shipping type chosen by the buyer during checkout. First, check the shipping type of your sale, then use the table below to find out exactly when you can expect payment for the sale.

Sales Confirmation – your item has been shipped to the buyer, the buyer has up to 72 hours to confirm receipt of the parcel. If there are no issues payment will be released within 24 hours, or the following working day. If no confirmation is received from the buyer within 72 hours, payment will be released to the seller automatically.


Seller: I Can’t Ship My Sold Item Within 7 Days, What Should I Do?

While we understand that sometimes it’s not possible to ship within 7 days, unfortunately we're not able to extend the time allowed to ship a sold item. We take these measures to ensure a consistent experience for both buyers and sellers.

If you are not able to ship your sold item within 7 days, a full refund will be provided to the buyer.

Please note that sales are automatically cancelled once the 7-day shipping window expires.

Once a sale is cancelled, you will need to create a new listing if you’d like to sell your item again.

Seller: I think my parcel has been lost by the carrier

We know how frustrating it is when a package gets lost in transit. If the tracking information for your shipped item has not been updated for more than 2 working days, we can look into the situation for you with the carrier.

It will really speed things up if you are able to provide the following information we’ll need to open an investigation:

·        The name of the shipping company

·        The date your item was picked up / deposited with the courier or post office

·        The item reference

·        A copy of your ID

Once you have everything ready, contact us and our Customer Care team will open an investigation with the carrier directly. They’ll also personally follow the investigation and keep you updated as it progresses.

Once the delivery problem is flagged with the carrier, it can take between 15 days and a maximum of 30 days to receive a conclusive answer from the carrier.

Rest assured we will keep you updated along the way until the issue is resolved. If the carrier confirms that the parcel was lost in transit, you will be paid for your item.

💡 Good to know - In order be reimbursed for a lost item, you must have used a Nala Marketplace prepaid shipping label.

Seller: A Parcel I Shipped Was Damaged in Transit

Nala Marketplace hold no responsibility for any damage caused to any parcels.

To be reimbursed, you must have used the pre-paid shipping label provided by Nala Marketplace and have kept proof of sending and liaise directly with the carrier to seek re-imbursement of damages.

So as to avoid your item being damaged, we recommend that you package your item in a way that protects it as much as possible.

Seller: My account has been compromised

If you’ve been the victim of identity theft or a scam, act quickly to secure your accounts and sensitive information. Here are the next steps to take.

Change your password on the website

Check your account information

·        Make sure your contact information is correct

·        Ensure all the information such as phone number/ delivery address/ Billing address/ bank account information is completed and correct

·        Review your account activity in your Orders & Sales section

·        Review your registered bank account or PayPal information in the “Get Paid” section

Stay vigilant about regularly updating passwords, keeping contact information current and accurate, checking account activity, and making sure nothing seems suspicious. In case of any suspicious activity, please contact us.